hardcore carvers

   hardcore carvers in Victoria park, Bath    

We are a group of independent artists and entertainers living in West Wales who travel together to festivals and events in order to meet people, exchange ideas,  stimulate creativity and have a good time.

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    At festivals we erect an attractive 70ft. by 20ft. white canvas covered working area where people can watch and talk to several skilled craftspeople working with wood, stone, chalk and other materials. Various examples of their work are on display.  We include demonstrations of chainsaw carving where appropriate, as well as our traditional wood and stone carving.

    People are welcome to participate in chalk carving for free throughout the day and stone carving workshops are regularly held for a nominal charge. It is by no means unusual for children and adults to spend most of an event beneath our awning scraping determinedly at pieces of chalk. We maintain a collection of these carvings that people have left with us over the past years as a source of inspiration. chalk carving workshop

    In front of our workspace we erect wood sculptures amongst which people are encouraged to sit making an ideal spot for relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. In the evenings our covered area is illuminated and available for the use of acoustic and 12volt musicians as well as the public.  We usually maintain a campfire out front as a focal point. Jayne Spark's stone carving workshop

     Our vehicles are all suitably painted and provide a handsome backdrop to the area. We provide our own support facilities using wind chargers and solar panels attempting to be as eco-friendly as possible. 

    In 1997 in Wales we attended the Afro Celtic Explosion and in England we attended Glastonbury Festival and The Big Green Gathering where we were commissioned to carve a permanent totem pole for the festival site.  Click here to see the totem pole.

    In 1998 we attended the following events.
Wednesday May 20th. to Thursday May 28th. "Bath Arts Children's Festival"
Friday June 26th. to Sunday June 28th. "Glastonbury Festival"
Wednesday July 29th. to Sunday August 2nd. "The Big Green Gathering"
Sunday August 30th. to Monday August 31st. "The Festival of Wood" at Westonbirt Arboretum, Tetbury.

    During 1999 we attended Crafts in Action at St. Donats Castle, Vale of Glamorgan on May 30-31.
Bath Arts Children's Festival in Victoria Park, Bath, Somerset on June 2-3
We celebrated the solstice in Wiltshire on June 22nd.
Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts from June 25-27.
and The Lizard Festival during the eclipse.

    During 2000, we were at Bath arts children's festival (May 31st.-June 1st.), Stonehenge2000, Glastonbury Festival of performing arts, Lampeter Drover's festival and  at the Big Green Gathering where we were  commissioned to carve a large Celtic obelisk.  Click here to see the Obelisk Nansi carried out two public chainsaw carvings in Swansea. 

    2001 was a quiet year with no Glastonbury and no Big Green Gathering.  
Hardcore Carvers were at Bath children's Arts Festival 30/31st. May
Lampeter Drovers Arts Festival June 8th.-10th.
Stonehenge 2001 June 21st. 
The Welsh Green Gathering, Llanelli Festival Ground August 16th.-19th. has been cancelled due to the opposition of Dyfed-Powys police force.

    Last year, 2002, we went to Bath Arts Childrens Festival,  Lampeter Drover's Art's Festival, Stonehenge 2002, Glastonbury, The Big Green Gathering but not The Welsh Green Gathering (CANCELLED CLICK HERE)

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